Holiday Decoration Ideas – Christmas Lights

Everyone eagerly awaits the holiday season, as the festivities are full of celebrations, gifts and having a good time with family and friends. From reindeer riding in the snow to kids eager to open their gifts, this season is full of merriment in every way. The holiday season also calls for beautiful decorations that set the tone for this joyous occasion. With modern holiday decor, you should consider color combinations other than the traditional ones.

You can also use a little creativity to enjoy a dark and fun Halloween. Opt for gothic decorations in unusual colors and materials, instead of using black, opt for reds and purples, and include velvets in the decorations for a rich look. Place silver candles in sleek and stylish candle holders, and include shiny objects like baubles and mirrors in the decoration and place it near the main entrance. Let the dark ambience and shiny colors dominate your Halloween theme this season.

To opt for an all contemporary look this Christmas, mix in colors like tangerines, pinks and blues for a distinctive look that is sure to grab your guests’ attention. An ideal modern holiday decor idea is a beautiful wreath made of vintage sheet music, old books and gift wraps. These wreaths look unique and attractive as well. Bring home a white Christmas tree with a hint of green to represent a Christmas tree covered in snow for an authentic effect. Decorate the tree with crystal or glass balls in different colors and add unique objects like hand-carved and painted figurines or accessories with a modern twist. Christmas is incomplete without an appropriate Christmas stocking that goes with your majestic Christmas tree. Christmas stockings can not only be used as embellishments on the Christmas tree, but will also serve as a home decor accessory or even as a toy for children. Modern Christmas stockings are a perfect complement with modern holiday decor. While small stockings can be used to dress up a Christmas tree, big ones can be hung outside the door for a decorative look. Opt for modern Christmas stockings made from wool suiting and fabric scrap, or felt and velvet for a comfy feel. Embroidered and sequined stockings look decorative and add a sparkle to the decoration. With the help of modern looking stockings and other modern holiday decorations like installing some beautiful Christmas lights, decorate your home in style this holiday season.